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Beech High School


In this section you will find all the photographic information regarding Beech High School. All of the photographs that we shoot are available to you for viewing and purchasing by using the Gallery ID's for the particular school year. The past School year 2017-18 Gallery ID is bhs2017-18 (2017-18 school years shopping cart will expire on August 10th) and this upcoming year, 2018-19 the Gallery ID is bhs18-19. Click this link to access your photos and use the appropriate ID BHSPHOTOS (NOTES: The upcoming years photos 2018-19 will not be online August 10th. Also,if you are using a mobile device to view the BHS shopping cart use the desktop option).  Photography shoot information and the ability to make appointments for Senior formal and Cap & Gown portraits are all right here. 

2018 Graduating Seniors Cap and Gown Photos: Scheduled for May 18th, 2018. I will be set up in the gym mezzanine from 10:30am till 12:30. Please bring your cap and gown (no cap and gown will be provided). No advanced appointment needed, it is first come first serve and no payment required. The images will be online for purchase via the password and link above until June 30th.

ATTENTION 2019 Seniors:  Current members of the Junior class that will be graduating in 2019 you must actually schedule a setting for your senior formal and cap/gown images. The times and dates for the senior photos are 9:00am to 3:00pm on June 6th, 9th, 22nd, July 21st & 23rd.. You make your appointee right here, just scroll down and you will see the appointment form. The cost of this session is $25.00 and you must pay the session fee online when you make your appointment. At the time of your photo session you will have to select which formal you want in the yearbook and you will be mailed an 8x10 portrait of the formal image you select. These Senior photo sessions will be in the cafeteria of the Annex Building. (If you fail to have your formal taken during one of these dates there will be a makeup date however, the cost of a makeup session is $30.00). 

What to wear to your Senior Formal shoot:

Girls: Wear a stapless or spaghetti strap top. We will provide the black drape to put over the top. We recommend that you also wear a necklace that would look good with formal attire. You will also need to bring a white blouse to wear under the cap & gown photos (the cap & gown will be provided)

Guys: Wear a plain (no logos or writing) white under or tee shirt. We will provide the tux dress shirt, bow tie and tux coat. When we shoot your cap and gown photo if you want to wear a plain white dress shirt underneath you will need to bring one, otherwise, we will photograph you with the tux shirt and bowtie under the cap & gown.

Here is where you make your Senior Formal Photo Session appointment. You must complete all the required fields and check the NO-show forfeiture box. The appointment process is not booked until the form is complement and payment it submitted.

Changing or rescheduling your appointment

Clients are able to reschedule and cancel upcoming appointments by clicking on the Change/Cancel Appointment link in their confirmation email. When you click the Change/Cancel Appointment button, you will be brought to your appointment confirmation page, where you are given options to cancel or reschedule. If you reschedule you will not be charged an additional $25.00. If you delete or lose your confirmation email, you need to contact us so we can resend it. Email us the date, time and the name on the appointment.





How do I purchase images for the 2017-18 school year?
Click this link and use this gallery ID when asked: bhs2017-18

Have the images been touched up or will they receive addition retouching?
The images have been retouched prior to them being downloaded to the shopping page, they will not get additional retouching so what you see will be what you get. If you do not like the retouched image and want additional retouching do not order it until you contact us.

How long does it take to get my order?
you should receive your order in 6-8 work days from the day you place the order.