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so far this spring this was the first full week of no rain and great tempts which made for a busy time. One of my shoots was a Senior Portrait session with Katie. We choose the Town Square of Springfield to get a little of the old town casual feel. I shot natural light, ambient plus a reflector and for some images I used a profoto 500 with a beauty dish and sock (care to guess how I lit each image?). As Always I used a Nikond5 and the lens were Nikkor 24-70mm f2.8 and a Nikkor 85mm f1.8.

The sunny skies made Katies blonde hair pop and her natural beauty shine. We had a great time cruising the square and I think that comes out in her photographs.


This year a wonderful ministry called Celebrate Recovery (which began at Saddleback Church in Orange County CA) is holding it's East Coast Summit at Long Hollow Baptist Church, right here in Hendersonville TN. The event kicked of this morning and I was fortunate enough to be there to capture some images. Plumb started the Summit with a concert, followed by the Skit Guys, Our own (since this is my church I can say that) Worship Team and followed by some wonderful speakers and training. If you do not know about CR here is their web page and if you are interested in attending a CR meeting there are several in the Middle Tn area, the one at Long Hollow meets every Monday evening at 6:30pm. Here are some shots from this morning.

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Another Nashville shoot...Senior Portraits

Another sunny day, location Nashville, temperature HOT, so like other shoots we stop off by a fountain.This is SCHS Senior Tori and we have some shots from her Senior Portraits and we also have some outtakes! This pretty girl took to the heat with no problem unlike me and Josh (my grip, lightman, drink fetcher, etc etc. Regardless Tori mad it impossible to take a bad shot, she if you agree and stay with us for the outtakes cause we always have fun!

The outtakes!!!!

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Time out! Senior Portraits...Hendersonville TN

Time out from sports camps and practices that is! This young lady had a hard time finding the time between volleyball and basketball camps, clinics, practices and travel ball tourneys to get photographed. However, even with the climbing temps we got away one morning before it was to terribly hot to get some shots. We did not get the volleyball and basketball shots yet but those are coming soon and will have a post of their own. Allie is quit the athlete and quit the looker as you can see! Enjoy a few shots from her session and as always I hope you laugh at the outtakes, we did!


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Rainy days giving good light! Senior Portraits / Hendersonville TN

The storms pasted and help turn a steam bath into a cool senior portrait session for Lydia. This tall lean dancer was a pleasure to photograph! Her laid back attitude comes through in her photos in a way that is very easy to capture. I did say she is a dancer and we do have a second session scheduled for the near future.  I have had some ideas about her dance session for awhile and can not wait to try them out! Her dancing shots will have a post of their own in the very near future. Below are some images from her senior portrait session but don't forget to keep scrolling for the outtakes. We had a great time and as always a lot of fun!

The Outtakes

This is Jill... Senior Portraits... Nashville TN

Last week we went to Nashville To get some Senior Portraits of this young soccer player (Soccer shots will be coming in a later post). We got off to a rocky start with mother nature throwing some lightning and rain our way! The storm was short and it actual cooled the temps and humidity down so we had a good shoot. Here is some examples of the shots we got and of course keep looking for the outtakes! Thx

The  Behind the scenes outtakes (including some cell phone shots her mom shot and sent me)!

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